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This post is unplanned…these are becoming my favorite ^_^

I was (literally 10mins ago) just painting with oil pastels, a past time I just starting falling in love with all over again.

The last time I had painted anything before two days ago was literally 6 years ago ( while I was still in highschool), so I was way more than just ” a little” rusty!!

* I’ll show you my current workstation
& what I was painting from & what colors I use at the end of this post… after I make my point*

I ususally don’t share my work unless it’s completely finished & I’m happy with it but I’ll make an exception this time, because it was WHILE I was painting that I realised

Blog Posts Blogtober14

Everything about this picture I adore!!

Again unfortunately it’s not my property & I can’t find its actual source…if you know who originally owns this photo PLEASE tell me so I can credit them!! 😀

Let’s recap:
I love Moons
I love Trees


Today I got my first ever registration to my blog (someone that wasn’t my best friends)
I woke up to an email notification saying someone actually read & on some level felt a connection to what I was saying & liked it!!!
They liked it enough to want more of it!!!!!

Now this is not why I’m writing to you…I’m writing because

Blog Posts Blogtober14 Dear Moon

What more can I say?!!

Again, this picture is clearly not mine (oh to be that close a moon that big!!! I’d probably be soo lost in its beauty I wouldn’t even think of my camera long enough to snap a photo)

But in any case, if you know who owns this beautiful capture, please credit him/her down below 😀

I chose this pic in particular bec of the moon, I mean


Listen to “Always in My head” by Coldplay while reading this…stop questioning me…do it now!!
*i say this with love*

So….yesterday after I posted my post, I spent a solid hour or so listening to ColdPlay,which I do when I wanna do some major thinking, or souls digging (or anything really, there is never a bad time to listen to Coldplay) but back to my point….


SO…I was planning to write more during October since it is my absolute FAVORITE month of the year (and it’s not even my birth-month) then I got really busy & was discouraged…but today on Twitter I saw this hashtag ” #Blogtober14″ & like “Courage the Cowerdly Dog” trying to save Muriel I found