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Hey there, for some reason out of all the blog posts I’ve written this has taken me the longest to brave up to do…i guess there is a slight sting to talking about one’s self that, well, puts me out of my comfort zone..which is not okay, since i should love talking about myself (not narcissistically) but in a -oh I love every bit of my being that i don’t mind at all talking a bit about myself when asked to do so- kinda way..hehe

And although the first thing you should know about me is my name -Hanaa Fouad- the first thing you just found out is I’m a self loving, Mother Earth hugging, believe we are all are made of LOVE, talks to the Universe kind of modern hippie Egyptian girly…^_^

Yup, I live in Egypt, I’m 26 years old, and I’m starting to sound like I’m introducing myself to an interviewee…which if you’ve ever done before, surprisingly isn’t as easy as you would think it to be.

I decided to start this blog because a.I love to write (wanted to be a writer at some point ), and b. I wanted to help people anyway I could, I realised my passion to help others resonates with my passion to create… anything really, i just love making stuff whether it’s a blog post about a DIY natural lip scrub, how to love the moon the earth and everything inbetween (including yourself) or painting a clay plant pot for a friend as a house warming gift…I love making things with my hand..and if i can show people how to persue their passion with my writing then I’m making a change in the world, to me that’s the best thing i could possibly ever hope to do.

The fact I’m Egyptian only fuels my drive to make this blog work more, cuz as of now I can’t find a single lifestyle blog centered in Egypt, talking about real stuff you can buy here & that understands the limits & power of what us egyptians can do…you don’t have to live abroad to DIY your home into Pinterest heaven…There are other Middle Eastern blogs out there but very few of them are lifestyle (alot of fashion blogs out there) I just want this website to be a place anyone can go to seeking a review of a restaurant or looking for a new recipe to try at home,whether you live in Egypt or not…I do what I do so this website can help

So yeah….being a Gemini, it means wanting both sides of the Yin & Yang…I just never saw myself just doing one thing forever, I want to do it all…write that blog post about the best trick to get your hair healthy AND write about how it’s important to reach down inside you & see that inner love that we are all made of (said I was a hippie remember)

I hope I gave you sorta of an insight of what to expect here in GEMINIMOONTREE, and I just can’t wait to talk to all the other like minded weirdos out there that stumble on here…I really can’t wait ^_^

If you ever want to talk to me personally (since there’s only me running this one woman blog), here are a few ways you can get a hold of me

Email me: geminimoontree@gmail.com

Tweet me @luvinguitars07

Pinterest me @geminimoontree

Instagram DM @geminimoontree


Have a wonderful night/day wherever you are in this beautiful galaxy ?

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