Dear Moon: This is how I heal

Dear Moon:

Now I know i’ve been out of the blogging realm ever since I set up my facebook page…i just don’t know why i was so uninspired lately & although i had no shortage of blog post ideas and i was excited about all of them i just couldn’t get myself to start writing any of them…i would start a post & something inside me just makes me stop, and since i’ve been paying more attention to my Being & listening to myself more i would do as my instincts tell me & not write anything.

I believe this was all for a reason, and I found that reason yesterday in the beautiful people of Healing Cairo     who decided to spread joy positivity across the nation by asking it’s people “How Do You Heal?”…so simple, yet so powerful, it ignited this post right there and then!! I joined there movement and talked about one way i heal my Being & because of them & their trending #HealingCairo i saw how others heal themselves and it was beyond inspiring & beautiful to see how candid others are being…it truly was refreshing to feel like you are not alone in your feelings that way….so i just can’t thank Healing Cairo enough ^_^

It was because of them it hit me, how DO I heal? and i realised that i do so much to heal my being & soul yet i don’t do any of it as consistantly as i would like to and that’s simply because i wasn’t pay attention to the real reason behind what i’m doing…and that is to HEAL myself, my soul, my spirit…if i do these things with more intention to heal then i would most definitely do more…and that takes me to me sharing the ways i love to heal my spirit with you all, maybe it will give you an idea of how you could do the same for yours ^_^


To start off let’s get one thing straight, healing your spirit isn’t like healing your body…you don’t just put a band aid on it & the booboo goes away. It’s an on going journey, that reveals pieces of your soul bit by bit so everytime you get more into yourself than you ever could you would, you become you, you LOVE you more, you just BE & that’s all we could hope for in this life…to just BE, to LIVE and not just exist.


So..Here’s a list of things that help me spiritually heal…i hope it helps in any way possible ^_^



Getting on the mat, shutting off the world & looking inside myself is the best feeling i get. A feeling i try my hardest to take with me everywhere off the mat. The whole point of yoga is not to go upside down (even as aesthetically pleasing as it is) but the point is to take that serenity you get by being in your own company & take it everywhere you go along your day.



Being Surronded By Nature

When I went to Greece, i visited both Athens first then Santorini, and when i got to Santorini, i wished i had spent the whole trip there. As being as Athens was historically, nothing took my breath away as i walked every morning next to the massive mountains next to our “Hotel” (more of a Villa owned by a incredibly sweet lady who rents it for tourists)…I swear im trying to find a way i could put into words the sense of utter pure joy i feel when im blanketed by Mother Earths grace. The sky above me, mountains, forests, trees around me & the naked Earth beneath my bare feet…nothing puts my spirit at peace as being one with nature does, it’s nothing short of magic!



If you know me, you know i’m a believer (yes i used to say i believe in fairies whenever i see Peter Pan & i still do) cause how can you not! So being a book worm who hadn’t touched a book for over 2 years i knew something was up. I used to read alot of YA books and some novels that weren’t not so YA ( i could write a post about my fav authors & novels if you’d like one day) , anyhoo, out of no where i wasn’t reading anything new cause none of the books spoke to me like they used to and i stayed like this for a while.

Until one day, i was small talking with an accquaintance in a birthday party where i didn’t know a lot of people & he mentioned he read “The Power of Now”….and i realised “Hey, i heard about that & was being to read it one day”…long story short, i got the book, devoured it & every book i’ve been reading since has had a message from the Universe, i read “Looking For Alaska”, ” Tuesdays With More” even ” حوار مع صديقي الملحد” cause these were the kind of books that spoke to me & each & every one of them healed my soul in it’s own way…so to me, now reading is not just a way for me to live & learn about the magic of this life we have, but also a way for my spirit to heals bits of itself, a page at a time.



You do NOT need to be a painter, or have even taken classes to paint & pour out your soul on canvas. Just try it, for me you’d be surprised with the things i paint. I know i for one am surprised everytime i look at my art work, and in some way it just makes me understand myself more!


Playing Guitar

My teenage idol once said “playing guitar is like therapy”…and she couldn’t have said it better!! Something about how i hold Arthur (my spanish) & play his strings that literally puts me in this state of joy, almost as if i’m physically feeling my spirit being lifted even when i didn’t think it was down in the first place.


Being Around My Cat

I’m an animal person in generals, i love every creature God created and anything that moves on this Earth but i admit i have a special connection with cats. I always thought i was a dog person until i adopted my first cat ( i bought him then cause i was young & didn’t know better but now i only adopt street cats)..and being around him, i don’t know, he just had this magical effect on me. Did you know that scientifically petting a cat lowers your blood pressure, and that when they are happy and they purr, those vibrations help your body (something to do with healing your bones)…so being around my cat, petting him & just sitting together heals me body and soul ^_^


Self Love

As chatty as i’ve been this post, I physically can’t talk enough about this (although this has to be a blog post on its own, or several maybe ^_^ ). I practice self love in almost every act i do, simple things as showering or indulging in a bubble bath with my favorite scented candle burning, i do out of love for me. Being present in my own body & acknowledging the love i have for everyone & everthing around me, including my own me that is the greatest way i heal my entire Being.



I know this by far has been the longest post i’ve written thus far, but when you get me talking about things i’m truly and irrevocably passionate about, you can’t shut me up…even if you try ^_^


So, if you’ve come this far Thank You, and if you wanted to start healing yourself today, doing something as telling the world how you heal is actually quite therapeutic….So go now, join the movement Healing Cairo have set in motion and spread joy & love across the nation by posting a picture of what heals you & hastag it #HealingCairo so everyone can see your ways of loving yourself and the Universe.


And a huge thank you to the founders Hana Zuhair  & Noha ElShourbagy of such a beautiful Blog & for giving Egypt something it was truly lacking, a way to heal.


I can’t wait to see all your pics on instagram, so don’t forget to tag #HealingCairo so we can all feel the love & good vibes ^_^


Moon, thank you as always for listening ?






  1. Martina said:

    LOVE it as always dear, and now I definitely need to read Looking for Alaska, you already recommended it to me when we first met at mall of Arabia☺️ Such inspiring words ans I can relate to all of your healing techniques (unless the guitar, but I sing instead?). Thank you so much for sharing!!! ?

    June 19, 2017
    • Hanaa said:

      Your words always so mean so much to me! Thank you for creating a blog of your own & blessing me (and many more im sure) with your beautiful words everytime you pour hour beautiful soul out into the world. this world needs them, you have no idea ^_^

      September 14, 2017

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