Ultimate Mother’s Days Gift Guide (Acc. To Type of Mummy)

Mother’s day is upon us & seeing as how practically every person I asked “What’re you getting you mama?” either shrugged or gave me a blank stare worthy of That’s so Raven’s beedy eyed vision stare*, I’ve decided to write a blog post about the oh so many gifts you can give to the woman who gave you the gift of life so to speak…and to make it even easier to sift through them all, I’ve categorized them according to type of mother…you’re welcome ?


Let’s start with

Sentimental Mummies

These are generally the easiest I believe to pick out a gift for because anything from the heart will turn on the happy waterworks & make your mama’s heart flutter with joy ^_^

  • A poem
  • A “Greatest Mom Ever” Mug…or any mug of that sort
  • A Trophy for the greatest mom (or anything  similar)
  • Mummy love letter
  • Flowers (her fav will give you brownie points)
  • Any gift made by the hand (Pinterest got you covered for that one…just click here)
  • Matching Sterling silver bracelet, or if you’re bugdet isn’t a lot this mummy won’t mind it not being silver…if that’s the case, Alaa El Gamsy makes amazing designs of anything you want really, bracelets, necklaces, keychains, pick out what ever design you want and she’ll get it done for you & her prices are quite reasonable too (win win)…check out her Instagram  (she doesn’t only do jewlery, she dabbles in clothes and shoes too…everything really)..and she delivers right to your door step, so hurry up ^_^

Moms Who Like To Stay Young & Beautiful

Now I know we all see our moms as they really are, the most beautiful creatures on Earth ( & possibly other galaxies too) but they sometimes have a little trouble believing that no matter what they just can’t stop being beautiful…So if your mummy loves to take care of her skin & her youth, these gifts would probably make her day ^_^

  • Any skincare collection from The Body Shop ( I recommend the Oils Of Life one, Egypt doesn’t have an online store yet but here’s what it looks like), and most probably the person in the store will tell you more about each product as I find most of the people working in The Body Shop are quiet knowledgable (or atleast the ones in the Maadi store are)
  • Lip Scrub, Eye masks,Face masks (The Body Shop Drops of Youth is incredible!! I’ve tried it myself & my mum loves it too), Foot Scrub, Hand or Foot Cream (or both) you can splurge and get her the L’Occitane Foot Cream..here’s a review
  • Makeup from (Mazaya, Faces) or any other store you think your Mama would love
  • Hot Oil Hair Treatment Cap (review) + Oil Kit from Nefertari ( Coconut, Jojoba, Castor)

You get the picture, anything under the beauty category would be perfection, just make sure it’s not something she already has 🙂

Moms On The More Religious Side

Some moms aren’t really into worldly objects, if your mummy loves things that have meaning today and in the after life then these are a couple of good options for your gift 🙂

  • Basket full of “Ramadan Goodies”: A personalised Quran with her fav color maybe + Sterling Silver Prayer beads (سبحة) + Ramadan Booklet for writing down prayers & keeping track of Quran Readings
  • Prayer Mat (really nice one) + New Prayer Ezdal Or Something new she can wear to Church
  • Gold Pendant with Quran on it Or A  beautiful Cross Pendant
  • A check to her favortie Charity in her name….So just use the money you were going to use for her gift and donate it in her name to the charity.


Chic Gift Loving Moms

Moms in the end are women, and like Marilyn Monroe said “Diamonds are a girls’ best friend”..So if you’re mummy doesn’t fall into any other category, you can’t go wrong with the “typical” gift

  • Perfume
  • Bag
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Gold/Silver Broche
  • Silver key chain
  • Flowers + Fancy Chocolate

Business Woman Mummy

If your mummy is a working mum who maybe runs her own business or works alot, you could get her something that would make her daily life a bit easier

  • Personalized pen
  • Personalized business card holder
  • Planner, I recommend Dots Planner, they are perfect for business oriented people.
  • Monogrammed Wallet
  • A name plate with hers on it
  • An ipad, a laptop ( join in with your siblings for this one)

Hippie Nature Loving Mummies

Finally, if your mummy is a beautiful tree hugger who loves everything natural, makes you green smoothies since you were a baby, then you can get her anything and everything natural…whatever you do just think if Mother Earth would approve of this, if yes, then your mama will too


Practical Mummy

Sometimes mothers like to be practical and they’ll make this super easy for you & TELL you what they want for Mother’s Day (just one more thing to thank your mom for ^_^)

  • Whatever your mum asks for…sweet and simple 😉


Aaaaand we’re done!! I’m sure there are more mommies who fall into more categories but I think to the big extend I’ve covered most porbabilties. I know no mum is only one thing, but that’s the whole point of this post, is to help you figure out what your mummy would probably love the most…cause in the end it doesn’t matter how much money you spend, your mom would really ever want nothing more than a warm sincere hug & three words from the heart “بحبك يا ماما” “I love you Mum”

I really do hope this helps you know what you could get your precious mummy this Mother’s day & if you have any other suggestion of good gifts let me know in the comments down below…Happy Shopping 😉


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