DIY: The Best Hand Scrub You Will Ever Use

The BEST handscrub? really?!! You think I’m just trying to get you to read this post?? HA HA HA…if you try this and you don’t find your hand the SOFTEST it has EVER felt…then I’ll eat my words & 2 & half frogs…deal? Deal!


When I was photo shooting the pics for this post I had to make the scrub to show you how it will look like, and since i did this already like 2 weeks ago i told my sister to try it, and i kid you not she was practically screaming ‘What The Hell?”, at first i thought she didn’t somehow like it but she ran to me smiling like a cute idiot saying “I can’t believe this!! How does my hand feel like that?”


So, conviced or not, you can’t diss something without trying it, so here’s how you can try this



  1. Baking Soda
  2. Lemon Juice



If you think this can’t get any better, it just did! This recipe is also a NAIL STAIN REMOVER!!!! -BAAAM-

If your nails are all yellow from too much nail polish, or you had turquoise nail polish on & it stained your nails, if you rub this on your nail it will remove the stain so magically Merlin himself will question your magical powers 😉

Here’s how you’re going to do this!

Just get half a lemon


And one tablespoon of Baking soda


Then wait till the fizzing stops, that’s just the reaction between the two ingredients and that’s totally normal.


And gently rub this all over your hand or finger nails, for just 2mins (or if you have sensitive skin and you feel a sort of tingling, just leave it on for less)..I can’t stress this enough..DO NOT LEAVE IT ON FOR MORE!! The reason this works so well is baking soda is one hell of an exfoliator, it’s harsh but works like a I would skip this if your skin is too sensitive. I have reallly sensitive skin but this works with me fine…I also don’t do this more than ONCE a month!! You don’t need more than that…I know you’re probably thinking if it’s so bad, then it’s not worth it, but when you see the results the first time, you’ll be hooked. Just be safe ^_^

-The Baking Soda is an incredible exfoliator that not only removes dead skin.

-The Lemon juice exfoliates & brightens your skin, so you can’t imagine how incredible it is to combine both…you will make th softest baby butt jealous with you super duper lush hands ^_^


Apply a good moisturizer after this (although you will feel like you don’t need it 😉 ) and don’t put your hand directly under the sun just because you just removed all the dead skin on your hand, so it will be extra sensitive to sunlihght right after this…it’s best to do this right before bed so you’re skin gets the time to rejuvenate properly without any exterior harmful weather or environmental effects.

If you have any questions about this miracel worker or you tried it, please do let me know in the comments below 😀

Share the love, so you never have to shake hands with someone with rough hands again 😉

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