Review: Hot Oil Hair Treatment Cap

So….I’m in love with coconut oil!! Like I use it for everything and if you think I’m exaggerating,I’ll have you know I cook with it, I put it on my skin as a moisturizer, I put it in hair, I use it for everything basically, but this post is just about when I put it on my hair ^_^

If you want gorgeous lush locks then you need to moisturize the hell out of it, especially if you have dry or curly hair, and my favorite method of going about this is giving my hair an oil treatment at least once a week…I’ll give you a full run down of what I actually put on my hair, what oils I use and how I use them but that’s another post..this one is just for the device that helps cut down my time from sitting with a head full of oil the whole day to just 45mins 😉

This is a heating cap that basically allows your oiled up hair to heat up, thus opening your pores so they get all the juicey goodness of what you applied to your scalp.

I found this on Egypt also, there are alot of different versions of it, I got mine for about 81 LE & to me that’s a steal (there are cheaper versions for 60-70LE, but I didn’t want to risk buying something bogus) since this baby , not only heats up beautifully when its on the high setting, but it also has a detachable cap that you can remove to thoroughly clean it if it gets too gross after several oil treatments (SCORE!)


How I use it?

I oil up my hair after brushing it very well, then put the heating cap on,  plug it in, set it on “HIGH” & do whatever (mostly Blogging or watching PPL on Netflix) cuz you guessed it, I keep it on for 45mins & that’s the length of an episode 😉 I set it on “High” to the first 30mins, and then on “Low” for the last 15mins (just so I don’t go from HOT to really COLD in the winter time & my pores close up quickly, also I think immune sensitive people might catch a cold that way, so take care of yourself 🙂


And as always, here’s the obligatory photoshoot ^_^

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If you have any questions about how to use it still let me know in the comments and we can talk about hair & spa treatments & make a slumber party out of it, Yaaay ^_^

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