Review: Mopping Made Easy (MicroFiber Mop)

If you’re still new to the whole “Shit, I gotta clean my own house or else it won’t magically clean itself” phase of life..welcome, we’ve been expecting you ?

I’ve recently gotten married & one of the major changes I was facing was cleaning the house, as fast and as effeciently as I possibly can so as to spend as little time as possible doing chores and more time Netlfi- I mean working very hard on very serious important matters ?


So you could understand my relief when I stumpled upon this beautiful contrabtion at a friend’s house…it was one of those moments when the bright light of the Heavens finally came down and showed me the way….to easy mopping ^_^


I bought this thing from, there are a lot of different ones with different prices on there but I got mine for 170LE but the prices don’t range too much (from 180-200ish) just pick one with a good enough seller.


What is this magical mop of dreams you ask?

It’s a mop with a microfiber pad that has a nozzle which you can fill with any cleaning solution you like (I make my own natural ones) with a trigger on the handle to spray the solution on the spot you want to mop…with no hassle of the dipping your mop head in a bucket of water, then squeezing the hell out of it to get it just the right kind of wet so you don’t ruin your floors….This is just as easy as squeeze the nozzle, mop the floor…badabing badaboom ?


It comes in pieces to be assembled

You just get the pad and velcro it in place! That’s also a great feature of this mop, you can easy take this off & just wash it, let it sun-dry and reuse it over and over again


Velcro the red pad onto the mop head
Like that!

Then connect the head to the rod & have a beautifully simple mop that will cater to all your floor cleaning needs ^_^



And the best part of this whole thing is that solution container that connects to the nozzle to allow you to spray water or any cleaning solution onto the spot you want to clean..hassle free ^_^


I don’t know about you, but when I look up reviews I mainly look for pictures, so I’d know what to expect. So for your viewing pleasure here are more photos of the product so you know what you’re buying before you do

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I can’t tell you how clean my kitchen is now cause if you do your own cooking also, you know that the number one room that gets dirty 24/7 is the kitchen!! It’s just so easy to mop any stains on the floor now, that I don’t blink when my clumsiness gets the best of me and I drop something on the floor! This works great when the stain is still fresh (like all mopping), you don’t want to wait till it sets just so you don’t have to give it more elbow grease while cleaning, but I must say the microfibers in that pad work wonders, they’re really helpful in picking up dust & all sorta of Nasty (if you didn’t say this in That’s So Ravens voice, sorry, we can’t be friends 😛 just kidding)

If you tried this before or willing to try it, let me know in the comments, i’m dying to know how many floors have been blissfully clean with such ease 😉



If you think this is a sponsored post, think again, even if it was, I’d tell you & either way all my opinions are my very own (sometimes the little dinasour in my head tells me stuff, but I generally ignore his little rawrs^_^)


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