How To Have The Softest Feet Ever!

So you want the kind of feet that makes every girl rethink her grooming routine & make your hubby wonder if your feet are that soft then how soft is everywhere else? 😉

Well, have no fear, you’re ultimate guide is here..(seriously how infomercially do I sound right now ?)


Seriously though, you should want luscious feet for your self first and for most!! Stop living a life where everything you do is for everyone else & start living a life for YOU and just YOU!! Cause you deserve to have feet that don’t scratch your leather couch when you snuggle up on it!


And since this is not a post about self love (that one is on its way) and about loving your feet I’m going to jump right to it…Here what you’ll need to take good proper care of your footsies


Materials Needed:


Now you’ve picked all of these things & you’re ready to pamper the hell out of your feet, here’s what you need to do.


1.Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate:

You can’t hope to reach feet softness heaven when you have a thick layer of dead skin on your heels or anywehre else on your feet. Dead skin cells are useless and do nothing to absorb the layers upon layers of heavy moisturising (sometimes expensive) foot cream you’re applying to them. So just get rid of them, depending on how badly you need to exfoliate, If you have cracks on your cracked feet and it’s so flaky you have a white trail behind you when you walk, then go for the Foot scrubber after you soak your feet for about 15mins in luke warm water, and NEVER EVER EVER peel your dead skin..that’s just all kinds of wrong!!! If you exoliate once every week, then use the pumice stone since you won’t have as much dead skin, and if you have the time & want to pamper your self (at least once a month) do a natural foot scrub on your feet, here’s a recipe for one I adore & have tried ^_^

Pumice Stone

2.Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize:

After you’ve exfoliated, you gotta moisturize to replinsh your skin with the much needed moisture it needs to stay supple and soft. Apply a thick cream to your feet, starting with your heels and going all the way up to your toes and even ankle. But don’t stop there, moisturizing shouldn’t be just topical, you have to drink enough water so you can stay hydrated inside and out.

I love L’Occitane Foot Cream (seriously the best foot cream I’ve ever tried) or The Body Shop Hawaiian Kukui Cream, super thick and smells like tropical sunshine! ?

L’Occitane 15% Shea Butter

3. Stay Moisturized!!

Now i think this is the most important of all of these steps, and the one most people don’t do properly so they just give up on the whole keepin gmy feets goddess approved. You have to stay moisturized and you do that simply in two steps!

First, wear cotton pure socks. I use the one’s from The Body Shop made specifically for this reason, they help lock in the moisture and because they’re cotton they don’t absorb the cream you applied and leaves it on your feet for the longest time, leading to maximum moisturization.

Second, re-apply!!! You have to apply your moisturizer REGULARLY!! (<—keyword alert) At the very least once in the morning and once at night and always wear the socks afterwards! I sometimes even moisturize before I wear normal socks before going out, but only in the cold months, I do not suggest so when your feet get sweaty in the summer sun…believe me, not a good feeling.

Cotton Moisture Socks From The Body Shop

4.Fuzzy It Up❄️

I’d suggest keeping your feet warm wearing any fuzzy sock you adore only in the winter time, if you can take the heat while it’s hot hten by all means go for it. The heat is great in opening up your pores and helping the moisturizer seeb into your skin better, also great for not letting your toes fall off in the harsh winter night ^_^

Bath & Body Works Fuzzy Socks
From ” Grand Maadi Mall” for 20LE

And there you have it!! If you do this REGULARLY <—i mean it! then your next pedicure will get the pedicurist asking you questions on how to properly make those footsies super duper soft ^_^


If you try this, and you like it, don’t be stinjy & share the love….Let us live in a world where we all can have soft luscious feet & may a leather couch never be hurt by another dry foot ever again 😉



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