The Great Women In My Life

Today, I hadn’t planned to blog about anything or post anything since it’s the day of my grandma’s funeral (my father’s side)…but it being International Women’s Day, my hubby erged me to honor the dead by writing about her, and all the other great women I had & still have in my life..and maybe this will inspire you to think & be thankful for all the amazing women you have in your life, and the ones that are gone bu their effect on what a beautiful person you are now, has stayed….

Truth be told, I wasn’t that close to either of my grandmothers..Both of them lived at least an hour away but I don’t know what it is about grandparents that makes us so attached to them even when we see so little of them, they’re like the parents you love & never fear cuz they will always let you eat that extra cookie…

My grandma on my father’s side lived with me the longest, She passed away on Sunday,5th of March…and I guess we are all still trying to really believe that she’s no longer with us. She was by definition a great woman, she lived her entire life dedicated to her children,and their children…loving them everyway she knows how. She worked a lot for a woman living in Egypt & being in the era she was in, it wasn’t that common to have a woman know how to speak english fluently and work independently & raise her 5 children mostly on her own, ever since her husband died. She was strong to say the least, with a motivated caring heart that shined from her like the sun shines behind the clouds, nothing could get her down, she never took no for an answer & that’s one of the many things she taught her children, is to work for what you want, always live your dreams…A great woman will be missed today and everyday after…


My grandmother on my mother’s side died when I was still in midde school, and till today i remember the day my mother picked me up from school and told me the news, like it was yesterday…..She wasn’t as motivated as my other granny, she didn’t work several jobs, she was a simple housewife who took care of her 5 girls like no other…it just goes to show you, greatness isn’t just about what you achieve in this world, it can in how tight you hug your granddaughter, and how that hug still makes her feel safe like nothing can get her down…it can be in how much you love your family, so hard that they feel like they’re LOVE itself when they are around you…She was the kind of women that “loving” isn’t enough to describe,  if she said goodbye to you, she hugged you for a solid 30mins, as if trying to squeeze every ounce of unhappiness your body could possible harbor and replace it with pure joy & believe me, it worked…alot of days I miss that hug more than anything else…She was (to me) a spirtiual healer & to know I come from family of women like her, just makes me that more proud of who I am, proud I am a woman.


I could write still about my superhero mother who till today never stops surprising me of her strength as a wife, a mother, a daughter & everything else inbetween, or my little sister who inspires me with her maturity, her will to achieve all that she wants in life & her insanely weird mind (that we share ^_^)…but I’m going to leave it at that because my heart is heavy with so many emotions over the loss of the two most wonderful grandmothers one could ever have asked for.

I hope whoever you are reading this, women or man, that you cherish the women (and men) in your life…but since it’s International Women’s Day why don’t you go give your mother, daughter,wife, sister, aunt, girlfriend,niece or grandmother a hug, you never know when you might miss that hug more than you know now.

One way of keeping the memory of these beautiful womena live is by talking about them, remembering all the good they did, I would love to hear about the great women in your life…would you tell me in the comments below? 🙂


Happy International Women’s Day to me & all of you

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