How You’re NOT Loving Your Self

I’m sitting in bed typing this, and i’m not quiet sure where to start…i feel like my writing lately has been long winded, i just always have too much to say & I try to keep it short so it doesn’t get boring (cuz i know no one has time to write 700 words anymore these days, side note, this post is actually 701)….which kinda brings me to what this post is about….

I haven’t blogged since Blogtober 15 (yet another failed Blogtober attempt) and my main excuse is that I “don’t have time”

I know that’s a lie….its a lie i’ve been telling myself so I don’t feel so bad about not doing what I truly want …it’s a lie i’m not alone in though….i feel that everyone on some level is lying to themselves with the whole “i don’t have time” gig…

Because in reality you DO…WE ALL DO!!

You just choose to do something else with it…instead of doing what your soul really wants..what you really really want to do instead of checking that email, or going out in that social gathering so your friends don’t get upset…

So, what is this post’s title got to do with what i’m saying??

i read articles about “Self Love” nearly daily…i can never get enough of someone telling me how i’m on the right track, or keeping me on track of my daily struggle to fully envelope my soul in a state of endless unconditional love in the world we live in today…but it hit me one day, that despite all my positive affirmations, positive thoughts and trying my best to ignore all the negativity my mind finds itself in, i was still not loving myself in a way that wasn’t so obvious..

Here’s how you are not loving yourself…it’s so simple i can sum it up in a 8 words..


You keep putting everything off telling yourself some lame excuse like “i have too much work” or “i’m too tired from having too much school work” or “i’ll do it in the holidays, it’s the time for this”

Just think about it…when was the last time you woke up on the weekend and instead of Netflixing your morning, you didn’t tell yourself you just need to rest because you are too tired from that horrendous work week where you went home late every day, instead you went hiking early in the morning (like you wished you could every time you liked those hiking Instagram pictures you drool over in your cubicle)

When was the last time you, stayed at home, and did absolutely nothing except watch Netflix & eat chocolate pizzas ( if it’s not a thing, it needs to be soon)… instead of going out with your friends -whom you love-yet just don’t have the energy for right now, but you do anyways in the fear they won’t understand you need a “ME” day and will think you’re being “weird” or are mad at them for something…

that’s just it people….if we catered more to our whims and what our soul really wants at that very moment…we won’t ever feel the need to have a ‘ME’ day…everyday should be a ‘ME’ day…

You shouldn’t need to dedicate a day for yourself..a single day out of your entire life…why???? I’m not saying be selfish but if you think about it, some of your ME days will include friends, family and doing good for our planet, because that’s what makes you truly happy inside, not grading papers or sending never ending emails or battling that machine in the factory that always breaks down…..

I guess what i’m trying to say, is that I finally realised how I wasn’t loving myself completely, because if you love someone and they ask you for a bike ride in the park, you don’t turn them down saying you “want” to watch that episode of Game Of Thrones (although it’d be a close call) instead, you would go with them and get them ice-cream afterwards as well….that’s what love is…making that person you love happy…you just have to remember that out of all the people you love…that person is also YOU

….and YOUR life deserves all of it’s days to be “ME” days

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    April 22, 2016

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